KOMENG that during the time known as the star comedians on board India, reaching a new profession in the entertainment stage, the country. Stars spontaneous events play a role in this wide-screen film titled 'ANDA PUAS SAYA LOYO' stars together with a number of sections of Indonesia. "This is my first film," said KOMENG after the film preview in Jakarta, Tuesday (8 / 7). During this KOMENG always be refused if the main movie silver screen, his claim to be ready for a new chance syuting time does not disrupt the schedule kelilingnya performance as comedian. "I was also more road show," said the owner of the name of the original Alfiansyah. According KOMENG, for the film he is given the freedom berimprovisasi refreshing in every scene. Even without him aktingnya to use scenarios. "I just given synopsis," said the man who was born in Jakarta, 25 August 1970 this. KOMENG also revealed that initially offered only play in six scenes by the K2K Production, but after entering into production in 10 scenes. Film 'ANDA PUAS SAYA LOYO' have also been star-like section Andi Soraya and Yeyen Lidya. When asked about kevulgaran the film was exhibited, both in dialogue and scenes, but not denied KOMENG said, "This is a movie theater, so there is a limit to the spectators." Download Movie [CD 1][CD 2] See another Indonesian movies collection:


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